1. A bet on Bitcoin: new VC fund invests in currency startups

    “The way to regard any tech disruption — from cloud to big data to flash storage — is that the first generation of companies are always infracture companies, the second generation are application companies. We’re right at the cusp of moving from infrastructure to applications … Maybe international money transmissions.”

    (Source: gigaom.com)

  2. Creating An Adaptive System To Enhance UX

    '“Adaptive thinking” is a mindset that provides the tools necessary to significantly improve the user experience and enhance the intended purpose of the product by utilizing the technology that is readily available in every pocket. It is about learning the environment and the user and adapting to their current needs and situation. Therefore, designers should first design for the context of use and then design the set of functions that are triggered in relevant situations'

    (Source: uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com)

  3. Who Do Online Advertisers Think You Are?

    ' In the future, we’re likely to see a rise in companies like the Daily Me and Demand Media, whose stated mission is to “fulfill the world’s demand for commercially valuable content” — paying freelance journalists, for example, to write articles about the health benefits of tropical vacations that can be paired with ads for Hawaiian beach getaways and then sent to users interested in booking trips to Hawaii. The stories we see on the Web, on TV and on our mobile devices could be pegged to the market segments in which advertisers have placed us.
    As our experiences become customized, there is more at stake than just discount coupons and deals. There’s also the future of our common culture. As personalization shapes not only the ads we see and the news we read but also the potential dates we encounter and the Google search results we receive, the possibility of not only shared values but also a shared reality becomes more and more elusive.’

    (Source: The New York Times)

  4. Amazon takes on Netflix and Hulu Plus with $7.99 monthly Prime plan

    Prime members also get access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, along with free two-day shipping on any purchases.

    (Source: theverge.com)

  5. Into the Cloud

    Data is a physical entity that takes up space and feeds on energy. What will be the cost with a growing demand of speed, access and real time transactions?

    (Source: The New York Times)

  6. Google to open Wallet app to third-party passes, loyalty cards, and IDs

    "One of the types of things we’re trying to do is make it easy for airlines, transit providers, and other types of issuers of credentials to make it super simple for them to get their credentials stored in the wallet…That’s the goal. We want you to be able to leave your leather wallet at home and carry your phone and transact with that as your primary transaction device."

    (Source: theverge.com)

  7. ‘Real Simple’ Gets Into Direct Sales With Gift Guide App

    Where the app deviates from your standard, one-off magazine app is in its shopping capabilities. Rather than sending users to third-party retail sites, the magazine partnered with DropWallet to enable users to purchase any of the items directly within the app. Real Simple receives an (undisclosed) cut of each sale, managing editor Kathleen Harris tells Mashable, which is stated in a disclaimer in the app.

    (Source: Mashable)

  8. World’s First Virtual Supermarket Opens In Seoul

    Remember that subway platform supermarket in South Korea? Tesco and Samsung are taking this idea to the next level with their virtual HomePlus grocery store that opened its doors in Seoul two days ago.

    (Source: popupcity.net)

  9. Pay Close Attention to the “Big Four”

    A new report by noted research firm Forrester suggests that those who depend on online marketing and ecommerce for their livelihoods need to closely observe the “Big Four,” namely, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. (..)
    - Almost half of online shoppers start their research process by going to Amazon or Google.
    - Over 40 percent of the world’s Internet traffic flows through Facebook and Google on a daily basis.
    - 49 percent of iPad owners purchase products using their iPads and 21 percent of iPhone owners purchase products using their iPhones.

    (Source: revenews.com)

  10. Shop Right Off The Subway Wall With PayPal

    PayPal has created catalog ‘mobile shopping walls’ in 15 metro stations in Singapore. The large display features Valentine’s Day offers from eight participating retailers.
    via @dancall1

    (Source: psfk.com)